Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some things never change....

The wind is howling outside and I am working on my annual March job.....TAXES!!! Today, I took Brittney to the doctor for an ear infection and as she lay on the bed I was taken back to 13 years ago when I use to dress her up in her little dress and tights. She would have some pretty shoes to match and a bow in her hair. I would carry her in the office in her
beautiful blue and white car seat carrier all bundled up.
Fast forward 13 years. We drove to the same office today, he long, thick, beautiful, brown hair was pinned up in some crazy ponytail. She had black yoga pants and a hot pink sweat shirt on. Those feet are no longer in cute patten leather shoes, they were in size 8 UGGs. No make-up on the beautiful girl today....She is now 5'5" and I cannot carry her.....she could carry me!!
As she was laying on the table, my heart skipped a beat just like it did when she got those dreaded "shots" when she was a baby........ it was still my crazy baby that was "my only sunshine" that God blessed me with all those years ago. She played with the paper on the table, told me how she hated doctors, she wanted to go was good to know that even though she was growing up that SOME THINGS ABOUT HER HAVE NOT CHANGED AT ALL!!

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